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Aluminium & Steel

Garden Deck

Like many clients, our customer had a deck that had seen better days.

The rest of the garden is well landscaped with ponds and planting borders. This will be their family home for a considerable time, so they wanted to ensure that the replacement deck not only looked good, but was completely maintenance free.

Having reviewed several colour samples, they chose Trex Transcend Lava Rock, which matched their windows, doors and conservatory perfectly.

They also elected to install an aluminium sub-frame to ensure a long and maintenance free life.

Finally they wanted to replace the old wooden balustrade with steel and glass.

After removing the old decking and disposing of it, we cleared the area and installed concrete support piers. This ensures a solid, life-long base with the minimum of contacts on the frame.

In this case we installed a Ryno extruded aluminium frame, which not only ensures that the life of the framework matches that of the decking boards, but also, that we get an absolutely solid, level surface on which to install the decking.

We installed cast concrete foundations on which to bolt the uprights for the railings. This ensures that the posts are structurally solid and will remain so for the life of the deck.

The client wanted a number of lighting and watering systems hidden under the decking, so not only did we supply and replace some of lighting, we also reinstalled some feature lighting they were fond of and an irrigation system for watering their decking potted plants.

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