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About Us

If you've found us we suspect that you value an outdoor space to call your own and want to spend time enjoying it with family and friends.


“Why would you choose us?”


When we started Solutions4Gardens we wanted our customers to feel exactly as we would like to feel when we trust someone to work in our home. 


Quality. Whether it be our workmanship, the products we select or the partners we work with, we only settle for the best.


Communication. From the initial contact, through to the final handover, we communicate in a clear, timely manner so that you always know what we are doing and what you can expect from us.


Punctuality. We will always arrive when we say we will arrive, whether that be for our initial consultation or each day, when we are working on your garden.


Focus. We only ever work on one project at a time. We never run projects in parallel, so you can expect us everyday until the work is completed. We never leave the site mid-job.


Respectful. It is a privilege to be trusted to work in your garden. We never forget that we are being invited into your home. 


End to end service. We manage the whole project, including environmental, legal waste disposal (no matter what size the project), all material purchases, equipment  and labour. We are your single point of contact.


Fair pricing. We only build gardens the correct way using quality materials. We don’t cut corners and we don’t aim to be the cheapest. We do price our work fairly and give you a full, fixed quote for any work that we do.


We continue to live by these values today, in everything we do and on every job, no matter what size. It allows us to enjoy our work, and deliver exceptional results. 

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