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Patios & Terraces

Trex Deck

Our clients wooden deck had come to the end of it useful life - there were areas that were rotting through and overall it had become slippery when wet.

They asked us to create a deck which matched the size and shape of the original deck to ensure it fitted into their garden.

They chose Trex Transcend in Island Mist, a popular choice for customers wanting a contemporary grey finish.

After removing the old decking and subframe, we excavated the area to ensure we had the space to install the new framework so that it was clear of the ground. This ensure good airflow and that the wood is well clear of any moisture.

We install concrete piers before building the new wooden sub-frame. We only use treated timber, which we have re-treated in a pressure tank to "Use Class 3 (UC3)", which means that the timber is suitable for outdoor use.

As TrexPro, we also follow best practice, and install Trex Protect bitumen tape to the tops of all the joists. This not only creates a non-slip, cushioned surface for the decking board, but also ensures that any screw holes created when installing the decking as sealed to prevent water ingress.

The customer asked us to install lighting along the edge of the decking, as well as on each step edge.

Finally we install Trex Transcend Island Mist boards and facia to complete the transformation.

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