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Rooftop Terrace

Our client has designed and built a stunning, contemporary property using a precise selection of techniques and materials to their specification, creating a unique and personal space for their new home.

On the top level, they had designed a large roof-top terrace and approached us with the desire to install a deck.

The project presented a number of challenges, including a limited door threshold, the weight of the deck and the challenge simply getting the materials up three storeys.

Our service began by identifying RYNO, a supplier of specifically designed products for rooftop terracing.

Once we had the specifications for the products, we then designed a deck that complimented the design of the property, and one which ensured the deck fitted perfectly in the completely defined space.

Our install began by applying the roof protection materials. We also installed scissor lift on site to ensure we could position materials to elevated site.

We then constructed the subframe of lightweight and strong aluminium joists, powder coated black. They were supported on several hundred pedestals. This combination ensured that we were able to design the finished deck height to perfectly match the threshold to the large sliding doors.

Once the frame was constructed we installed a system of perimeter lighting that would sit flush with the final decking boards.

To complete the project we installed Ryno Signature decking boards, which complimented perfectly with the contemporary style of the property and the wooden floors and doors throughout the property.

To complete the installation, we installed a matching deck inset into the garden paving.

We worked with the customers landscape contractors to ensure the space for the deck would result in a very even, geometric layout of decking boards.

We completed the project using the same combination of decking products.

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