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Sweeping Sleepers

Back Garden

Our client moved into a show-home of a small, bespoke new build estate ten years previously. As such, the garden had , a nicely design garden.

However, over time, the client wanted to completely redesign the space to reinvigorate the property and solve a number of problems.

Our design not only had to completely re-imagine the space, but also preserve a number of features (such as access from the rear gate to the property) and make use of a previously waste space behind a garage, used to store an old trampoline.

Our sinuous design flowed through the garden linking the various spaces, and creating new planting spaces. The lines of the garden were given perspective by using sleepers, upended, to create height and partially hidden spaces that invited investigation.

We used computer generated models and walkthroughs to bring the design to life for the client before work began.

We always build our gardens on a solid based, so we began by removing 100mm+ of soil over the whole space. We then defined the main path areas by installing the sleepers.

We then install 100mm of hardcore, which we level and compact. This ensures a solid building foundation.

The client chose Marshalls Symphony porcelain paving which is not only hardwearing and low maintenance, but gave the whole space a contemporary feel. Combined with the pebble area and grasses, the space has a Mediterranean, coastal feel.

We installed a real, circular lawn and the in consultation with the client, sourced and planted the borders with a mixture of shrubs and perennials.

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