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Water & Decking

Back Garden

Our client has a very unique garden, with a large pond served by an artificial, but very real river. Over time the decking around the pond had fallen into disrepair, and the pond and river had become contaminated. In addition, the client wanted a large, stone water feature removed and replace with seating area.

We designed the new seating area to include a Trex deck, cantilevered over the pond, with a fire pit area to the side. The access to the decking area was across stepping stones over the river.

In addition, we planned the removal and replacement of the river and pond.

Initially we removed all the stones and rocks, cleaned them and set them to one side for reuse. We then removed all of the liners and underlays for the pond and river. We then removed the stone water feature and completed the necessary groundworks for the new areas.

We supplied and installed a customer liner that was the basis for the river and pond. Using a single-piece liner, ensures that the water-feature will have a long life. We also use purpose designed underlay, to ensure that the liner is protected from puncture from stones and roots.

Once the pond basis was installed, we build the frame for the cantilevered deck, which was finished with contemporary Trex Transcend decking in Island Mist.

The client also elected to use a composite railing system with lighting built into the posts.

Finally we reinstated all of the stones and rocks, and landscaped the remaining areas.

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