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100% Wood Free

Garden & Deck

Our client came to us because his garden was surrounded by large trees that caused his deck to be in shade for most of the year. Over the years is suffered from damp conditions with little drying time, and so had rotted and become dangerously slippery.

He wanted a completely “wood free” decking solution, with an increased footprint. He also asked us to reconstruct his garden paths and re-turf his lawn.

We designed a new deck using a combination of Trex Transcend boards, in Tikki Torch and Spiced Rum colour combinations.

We designed a path that had complimentary edging blocks and cotswold stone clippings.

Our deck construction starts with the removal and disposal of the existing structure. We then excavate the area and install concrete piers for long life.

In this instance, to give the “wood free” result, we used Millboard Plas-Pro composite joists and bearers, to which we installed Trex Transcend boards.

Finally, we excavated the paved area. We installed a compacted, hardcore base which gives a long lasting, solid, base for the gravel path. It also reduces maintenance, by reducing the possibility of weeds growing up through the base. Most weeds root in the debris in the gravel surface and can be easily plucked out.

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