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Design Services

The big picture


Maybe you have just moved into a new home, and you are staring at a (muddy) blank canvas or maybe you literally cannot see the wood for the trees.


We can help with all aspects of your redesign project, and using Computer Aided Designs, can help you really visualise how your new space will look.


Large or small, we will work with you to realise your dream garden.

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How we work


Initially we would meet with you to understand what you want to achieve from your outdoor space. Maybe you want a low maintenance garden or you want to create an outdoor entertaining space. We will work to understand what style of garden you would like to create and themes you would like to incorporate.

We would discuss the budget you wish to work towards so that we can deliver something that meets your financial expectations. We would also listen and advise on ways to divide up a larger project to minimise disruption, maximise use of the new space and help spread costs.


Design Brief


Once we have listened to your needs we will provide you with a Design Brief to ensure that we are meeting your expectations and a guideline budget.

The Brief will set out the objectives for your design, the key elements you want to see incorporated and any ideas you have on style and materials.



Once the Brief is agreed we would move to create an original design and project plan to meet your objectives.


We produce a multi-page design that includes several views of your new garden to help you really visualise your space.


We will give you a plan with dimensions so that you can "walk" the design at home and get a real sense of scale of the new space

208_SGCS_F01_View 1.jpg



We can also offer you the opportunity to really visualise your new garden. 

We create highly detailed, photo-realistic images and videos, that allow you to see and walk-through your new garden.


You can see and sense the materials, space and flow of your new garden, allowing you to be totally confident that the final result will realise your ideas.



When we have agreed the final design we calculate all the labour, materials and equipment required to complete your garden installation. We will tell you how long the project will take and provide you with a fixed quote for building your garden.


Confirmation & Dates


Once you are happy with the design and quote, you engage us and we reserve your chosen dates. We will contact you two weeks before installation to start to prepare for the project.


Next Steps


Complete the contact form below and we will be in touch to have a "no obligation" discussion about your project.

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