Decking is a great way to create an entertaining space, offering opportunities when a patio or paving is sometimes impossible or impractical. Modern composite decking products are great looking, do not become slippery in the wet and winter, and do not require any maintenance baring the occasional sweep off or mop to remove dirt.


As TrexPro Installers we have many years experience installing composite decking. We can offer you advise about the best options for your final decking surface, as well as offering advice about the most suitable materials for building your deck frame, whether that be wood, aluminium or composite timber.


Trex composite decking is warranted for 25 years, but we also ensure that your chosen substructure is a match for the decking. Aluminium and composite timber gives the best results, but can prove expensive. Whenever we use timber to build our frameworks we ensure the wood is treated to "UC3" standard (suitable for outdoor use), we ensure it is never in direct contact with the ground and we protect all the joists with TrexProtect to ensure water ingress into screw holes is minimised

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