Wildflower Meadows

Why not let us create a beautiful wildflower meadow or area for you? 


A wildflower meadow creates an attractive area in your garden throughout the flowering season, and provides a fantastic habitat for insects and wildlife essential for a healthy garden. 


We are authorised suppliers and accredited installers of "Wildflower Turf", a solution that has significant benefits over more traditional methods of establishing wildflower meadows. "Wildflower Turf" was used at the Olympic village during the 2012 UK Games.


We can work with you to plan your wildflower space. Our service includes the preparation of the area to ensure that the turf successfully establishes and the ongoing followup to ensure that the meadow looks beautiful throughout the season. We also offer a maintenance package to help you cut back and clear the meadow at the end of the season.

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Telephone : 01767 348 028

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Telephone : 01767 348 028

Wildflower Turf Meadow

Wildflower Turf used to create a beautiful wildflower meadow in a back garden