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The Problem

Our client lives in very attractive three storey town house, on a small bespoke new build estate. 


The garden is a reasonable size, but is currently made up of three inches of topsoil over assorted building rubbish.


There are three, uneven, out of level drain covers in the garden which need to be hidden

The Brief

The Client asked us to create a garden which incorporated a seating area, a lawn and and areas for planting.


In addition, they asked for a "utility" area to the rear of the garden which, whilst accessible, was somewhat hidden behind a privacy lattice.


The existing patio area was to be lifted and reused in the utility area to create a hardstanding, and those unsightly drains needed to be dealt with.

The Process

We met with the client on several occasions to understand the brief, sketch out some design ideas and determine a budget. 


Once we had a favoured design we produced a number of photorealistic 3D models to help the client visualise the final garden, we produce a detailed budget quote and agree a suitable start date.


On this project, the client wanted to use some very special materials for the paving. We produced some detail models to help them chose the particular edging solution for their path and lawn border.


Once finalised, we sourced all the materials for the client at a favourable rate, and arranged for staged delivery.


Finally, we produce a detailed project plan and scale site plan to ensure accurate and timely execution of the design.

Initial dig out
Drains exposed
Initial Patio
Drain detail
Small Patio
Lawn detail
Finished path
The Work

Our fundamental ethos is to create a garden with the same care and attention we would if it were our own.


In this case, that meant digging out the path area to allow us to install a solid, compacted hardcore base on which to build the path and patio.


The edging blocks were set and haunched with concrete to give robust edges, and jointed with black mortar. 


The paving is then laid on a full mortar bed (not "5 spot"). To give the desired contemporary look, we used smaller 7mm paving joints.


In this instance the client had chosen a very stain-prone granite slab, so we sealed the paving with hydrophobic sealer and then grouted the joints with a specialist grout to avoid any staining.


The utility area was repaved using the previous patio slabs, again on a full mortar bed. 


Pergola, privacy trellis and garage wall trellis were all erected.


Finally, we rotovated and applied fresh compost to the borders. The lawn area was prepared in a similar way, before being laid with fresh turf. 

The Result

A new garden, ready for the client to go to buy plants and patio furniture and enjoy the summer.


"Solutions4Gardens did what they said they were going to do, when they said they would be doing it, and kept us informed throughout.


Their price was competitive.


Some of the materials we choose were challenging, but they took time to research it's best use and the result is spectacular.


We will certainly reccomend them, and will be having them back to sort out the front garden area in a couple of months. A project well done."

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