Clearance Services

"Jungle Clearance" to helping with the "Tip Run"

Perhaps you have just moved into a property and have inherited a jungle, or maybe there are just not enough hours in the week to stay on top of the garden. We can help you reclaim your space either as a precursor to you reworking your garden or simply as a well overdue tidy up.


It is surprising how much growth most gardens will put on over the course of a year. Many homeowners do not have the space to compost, or the tools and equipment to efficiently clear and dispose of the waste that is the result of a good pruning session. It is a familiar sight, seeing gardeners struggling with dumpy bags of green waste at the "Tidy Tip", spending hours of their Sundays on the "Tip Run".


We provide a range of services from completely clearing back overgrown spaces, to simply collecting up and disposing of your garden waste. We have the tools to create compostable waste from prunings, and either leave it with you to make your own compost or transport safely away.


We dispose of all waste in an legally and environmentally friendly manner, creating compost from most waste that we create or collect.

Why struggle with bags of garden waste or spend hours of your Sunday queued at the "Tidy Tip"? Call us on 01767 348 028, or fill out our contact form, and let us come and remove that waste for you.
Telephone : 01767 348 028