Patio and Block Paving Cleaning

Restore the former beauty of your patio, block paving or decked area

Paving and driveways are the backbone and framework in most gardens. Whether they are ornamental features, spaces for us to dine outdoors or simply practical means for us to reach the washing line, nearly all gardens have them.


Keeping them looking beautiful is a challenge though. Typically they become fertile grounds for surface moss, algae and grime. Joints can deteriorate, allowing weeds and plant to spring up. 


The traditional answer for both homeowners and professional cleaning companies is to break out the pressure washing lance. Whilst results can be effective, most now know the familiar story of washed out joints, gallons of puddled water and most of the dirt ending up on the side of the house or plants.


Our solution eliminates these issues by using patented brushes to gently but effectively clean patios and block paving. We use no chemicals so we can clean safely near ponds and plants. Our brushes are gentle enough to use on wooden or composite decking, but effective enough to remove weeds from between pavers.


Once cleaned we can also re-sand your block paving joints or repair other damage to patios or decking as part of our service.


The gallery showcases some examples of the results that can be achieved

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Telephone : 01767 348 028

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Telephone : 01767 348 028

Wooden Decking cleaning

Before and after image of wooden decking cleaning