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Artificial Lawn & Turf



Maintenance free, permanently attractive and minimal ongoing costs. These are the benefits of artificial turf and lawns.




Many clients want the benefits of an attractive green-space in their garden but maybe don't have the time to maintain a real lawn. Others have limited access to the rear of their property or limited storage, so storing lawncare equipment and disposal of grass clippings is a problem. Even the reduction of muddy footprints in the house (human and animal) is a benefit of artificial surfaces. It is a great solution for allergy suffers also.

Marshalls Always Green


Marshalls Always Green lawns looks like real grass, feels great underfoot and is guaranteed against UV damage for 10 years.


This is a premium artificial lawn, which is deep and lush, and has to be seen to be believed. 

Professional Installation


Our service starts by talking with you about your ideas.


Once we have agreed the design, we begin by preparing and excavating the area


A fundamental element of building a solid, robust, long lasting garden is ensuring you have prepared good foundations. This applies especially to artificial lawns. Poor preparation may save money in the short term, but the long term effect will be a sunken, failed lawn.


After removing the soil, we import a similar amount of hardcore, which we level and compact.


We install our artificial lawns on 75mm of compacted hardcore, toped with 25mm of compacted crushed granite. This creates a solid, level and long lasting surface, which will not suffer from dips and failure over time. 


In contrast to installing a sand base, crushed granite also creates a sub-surface which does not retain odours, a big plus if you intend to let pets out onto your lawn.

By ensuring we have a sound foundation we can ensure your turf looks great throughout its lifetime.

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